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Acoustic lamps from IGUSTA: light and room acoustics perfectly combined

A noisy environment and unpleasant echoing rooms can – especially during mental activity – considerably disturb concentration and well-being.

Particularly in open-plan offices, event rooms, restaurants, training rooms or call centres, not only lighting but also acoustics are essential. The acoustic conditions in a room are essential for people to feel comfortable, concentrate and work.

With the newly developed acoustic lamps from IGUSTA, lighting and sound insulation are perfectly combined in one product. The lamps not only provide excellent light, they also reduce noise and improve room acoustics.


An optimal solution in room acoustics is characterised by the fact that it is precisely tailored to your wishes and needs. In addition to the standard variants, we therefore adapt the acoustic lamps individually according to your ideas. Due to IGUSTA’s extensive manufacturing possibilities, there are virtually no limits to the shape, colour, size and construction of the lamps.

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What is an acoustic lamp?

An acoustic lamp is the combination of light and sound absorption in one product. IGUSTA lamps consist of a soundproof element in which one or more LED panels are integrated.

  • The LED panels provide excellent light.
  • The sound insulation element absorbs and swallows the sound waves.

The result: the room acoustics are noticeably better, noise disappears and the reverberation time is reduced. Accordingly, concentration and, above all, well-being improve.

In addition to their outstanding function, IGUSTA acoustic lamps are a real eye-catcher thanks to their unique industrial design. They are a perfect match for current architectural trends and can be used almost anywhere.


Individual adaptation of the design: IGUSTA acoustic lamps can be adapted according to your wishes. Ask our experts for a non-binding offer.

Not only the size and shape of the sound insulation element are variable, but also the colour and surface can be configured as desired.

Our standard version is made of a beautiful anodised aluminium with a metallic look. But even with a coloured surface, the acoustic lamps are a real eye-catcher. Therefore we offer the lamps in several colours (powder coating).

Thanks to our suspension systems, the acoustic lamps can also be installed in deep as well as high ceilings.

Which light is used in the acoustic lamps?

When it comes to lighting, IGUSTA relies on premium manufacturers with high quality and efficiency standards.

As with the design of the absorber (sound insulation element), there are various options for selecting the LED panel. For example, you can choose between different light colours and colour temperatures or you can opt for a dimmable panel, including control unit.

Your competent partner for sound insulation cabins & more: The experts from IGUSTA solve every noise problem.

Noise disturbs, causes stress and can become a health burden – all the more important is an effective improvement in acoustics.

With the new acoustic lamps IGUSTA takes the first step towards room acoustics. As in 1995, the company not only wants to successfully and sustainably improve the acoustic conditions of its customers in industry, but also in homes, offices, event rooms and similar areas.

With IGUSTA’s new product range, experience and expertise meet innovation. See for yourself!


You have questions?

Let our experts advise you.
We are happy to solve your noise problem!

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