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IGUSTA stands for powerful know-how

We have many years of experience and high-level expertise in the development and manufacture of acoustic systems, as well as in the manufacture and supply of sheet metal assemblies.

Since the foundation of IGUSTA in 1995, we have been working hard to adapt our company structure to changing market conditions.

Our systems are in use worldwide. Our customers come from a wide variety of industries, e.g. automobile industry, machinery and plant engineering, power plant technology, pharmaceuticals, chemical sector, etc.

Due to our field of activity in the project business there are various tasks. We offer our partners individually tailored products, which meet the high requirements of economy and technology.


» We are proud of the products and projects that have made our company what it is today. Without you, our customers, employees and partners, we would not have been able to do this, so we would like to thank you.

We look forward to the joint partnership implementation of other exciting projects and are confidently looking forward to a successful future. «

– Heinrich Guthier, January 2019


Foundation of IGUSTA Schalltechnik GmbH by Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Heinrich Guthier

Establishment of an own production company, IGUSTA Blechtechnik GmbH at 98574 Schmalkalden

Introduction of an integrated management system

Project new sheet metal storage systems, Kasto
storage system Unitower automated storage system

Certification according to DIN ISO 9001:2000, audit report no.: 3330 2AJC D0,
Initial certification: 2008

Introduction of Autodesk Inventor
3D design solution for mechanics, mechanical engineering and sheet metal work

Integration of RBK, rule-based design, re-certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

Introduction of RBK in the manufacturing process, moving into our new manufacturing site at 98590 Schwallungen

Introduction of 5S work design, tool for continuous improvement process (CIP)

Modification of lighting systems in manufacturing, additional design engineer in production company

Extension to existing production hall, new roofed total area approx. 2500 m2

IGUSTA Schalltechnik GmbH moves to new offices at Igelhöhstraße 26 in D-64646 Heppenheim, Germany

Installation of a fully automatic folding machine SPB EVO UD 4000 / 3.0

Redesign and modernisation of the assembly workstations

New punching machine PrimaPower Punch Genius 1540

Website renewal and new marketing concept



Location Heppenheim

IGUSTA Schalltechnik GmbH ▪ Igelhöhstraße 26 ▪ 64646 Heppenheim ▪ Deutschland ▪ Tel. +49 6252 967 593 0 ▪ Fax +49 6252 967 593 55 ▪

Location Schwallungen

IGUSTA Blechtechnik GmbH ▪ Hilderser Straße 16 ▪ 98590 Schwallungen ▪ Deutschland ▪ Tel. +49 36848 270 040 ▪ Fax +49 36848 270 049 ▪

Our team

The IGUSTA employees are looking forward to working in partnership with our customers.

A reliable team at IGUSTA is at your disposal for the realisation of the various and varied tasks by our customers. Thanks to the personal commitment and many years of experience of our colleagues, we can assure you that our products will be delivered on time and to the required quality.

Importance of quality

„There is no market for a defective product.“
As a customer, I do not expect quality to be a rarity.

Quality consciousness

„Quality thinking means thinking about quality.“
As a customer I lose faith if quality becomes an ordeal.

Quality areas

„The quality chain is only as good as its weakest link.“
As a customer, I recognise no compromises in quality.

Quality control

„Confidence is good, but control is better.“
As a customer, I want to play it safe with quality.


„Errors are human, organisational deficiencies are diabolical.“
As a customer, I can tolerate mistakes, only if they are not systemic.


„If I want something done, I take care of it personally.“
As a customer, I hate to be pushed from one to the other.


„A good team result makes me proud, a good performance of the company as a whole ensures my existence.“
As a customer I prefer to work with successful companies.

Orderliness & cleanliness

„Orderliness is half of life.“
As a customer I will be in total mess in chaotic conditions.

Time management

„Organisation gains time, chaos wastes time.“
As a customer my task is the most important one, and I would definitely like to get it accomplished.