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Acoustic components from a single source

IGUSTA offers you a complete service package for the manufacture, supply and installation of acoustic components, with a focus on sound-insulating cabins, capsules and partition walls. We analyse your task on site and then work out individual and optimal solutions for you.

Through the use of modern, sophisticated technologies and appropriate materials, we are able to achieve optimum sound insulation results with an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

Design Drawing

In close consultation with our customers, we create a design drawing.


The components are then produced at IGUSTA Blechtechnik GmbH in Schwallungen.

Trial Assembly

Mounting of the sound absorbing hood on a trial basis for the pre-final acceptance test.


Assembly of the sound absorbing hood at the customer’s site at a separate assembly site.


Transport of the sound absorbing hood to the final place of installation.


Transport of the sound absorbing hood onto the building roof using a 500 t-crane.


Placing of the sound absorbing hood above the fan.


Completion of installation of sound absorbing hood.

Production process

A production process from design drawing to the finished soundproofing hood.


A design drawing of the soundproofing hood is created in close consultation with the customer.


Production of all components of the soundproofing hood at the IGUSTA Blechtechnik in Schwallungen.


Transport of the soundproofing hood from the external assembly place to the building.


Assembly of the soundproofing hood at the customer’s place in an external assembly place.


Professional hardware and software are used throughout the entire engineering process. Complete and comprehensive documentation is standard. Data exchange with all common formats is, of course, possible.

Acoustic measurements


At IGUSTA, acoustic measurements are carried out with the following devices:

B&K sound analyser type 2270
B&K acoustic calibrator type 4231
B&K OmniPower sound source type 4296
power amplifier Norsonic type Nor 280
sound simulator FSG 50




IGUSTA works with 3D-CAD systems, Autodesk Inventor Professional. Inventor offers user-friendly tools for 3D mechanical design, documentation and product simulation, as well as various CAD functions for file conversion.

Project planning and production sheduling


IGUSTA works with TaxMetall, an ERP system that covers all areas of the company on a modular basis. From purchasing and procurement through production, costing, merchandise management, order processing, sales and marketing to management.

Metal processing center FINN POWER F6

  • CNC controlled
  • Punching force 30 tons
  • Sheet formats 6000 x 1500 mm
  • 43 tools in use

Folding Machine SPB Evolution UD 4000 / 3,0

  • Fully automatic folding machine
  • Automated tool changer
  • Up’n Down folding beam automatically controlled by POS 3000 sheet metal plate reverser
  • Working length 4000mm

Bending Machine EHT MULTIPRESS 175-40

  • CNC controlled und fully hydraulic
  • Equipped with special bending tools
  • Upper and lower tools segmented

Assembly area with cranes

  • Assemby area about 500 m²
  • 1 crane STEEL Type AS 3012-18 – 5t
  • 2 cranes ABUS overhead traveling crane ELV – 1t
  • 1 crane ABUS pillar jib crane – 0,25t

Material handling equipment

  • Diesel Forklift Heli CPPL D 30 H
  • Jungheinrich EJC 110 electric pallet truck
  • Jungheinrich EMC 110 electric pallet truck

Storage area and small part store

  • Storage area about 700 m²
  • Over 100 bins for sheet metal
  • More than 50 tons of sheet metal (galvanized, aluminium, stainless steel) permanently in stock
  • Small part store with more tha 1000 standard parts


Latest sheet metal fabrication machines are used in our production plant, IGUSTA Blechtechnik GmbH, in Schwallungen, Thuringia.

The workshop equipment includes, among other things, a CNC sheet metal machining centre FINN-Power F6, a CNC fully hydraulic press EHT, type Multipress 175-40, a fully hydraulic plate shear EHT, type HST-C6/40, fully automatic folding machine SPB Evolution UD 4000, TIG-/MIG-/MAG welding equipment, as well as required small machines for sheet metal work.

TRANSPORT & Assembly


We organise transport from our place to your place. Then, our qualified installation team will take over the complete assembly of the components at your site.

Delivery schedule

Our delivery and execution schedule for sound-absorbing cabins, capsules and partition walls

  • self-supporting modular systems
  • optionally either indoor or outdoor installation
  • optionally with frame scaffolding
  • special corner and frame profiles
  • can be easily dismantled
  • as recreation- or control rooms
  • as container
  • as custom-made

The following materials are used for our delivery and execution schedule

  • Galvanized steel sheet
  • Aluminium
  • Stainless steel
  • Special materials (on request)
  • Coated or painted surfaces

Possible equipment

  • Revolving doors, sliding doors, and lifting doors, manually, electrically or pneumatically operated
  • Window made of soundproof laminated safety glass
  • process-related sound-damping openings
  • electrical systems
  • pneumatic components
  • Ventilation including sound muffler
  • Special accessories