Noise Control

Noise reduction leads to performance improvements

The noise in the workplace has become a significant sociopolitical problem in recent decades. Noise-induced deafness continues to be at the forefront of occupational diseases. In Germany, several million workers are exposed to health-endangering, in particular hearing-endangering, noise while working. Every year, thousands of new cases of the occupational disease, noise-induced deafness, are reported.

Therefore, noise represents a significant threat to the health, including the ears, and a strain on one's performance, such that disturbances by noise even at low levels can cause damage. In contrast, noise reduction leads to performance improvements and reduction of mistakes.

When procuring machinery, noise emission should be borne in mind. The noise radiation can be reduced through subsequently carried out measures, such as soundproofing capsules, mufflers, etc. In addition, even the physiological factors are positively influenced by measures for the reduction of noise. Among other things, this prevents workers from becoming sick too often.


Noise control at the source

Noise reduction at the source is the most effective of all measures. The machine manufacturer is obliged to indicate the noise emission of his machine which is determined according to the applicable standards.

Noise protection in the case of sound propagation

Indoors, the decrease in noise level is lower than outdoors. It can be improved through sound-absorbing walls and ceilings, and raised by acoustic screens.

Noise control at the noise entry point at work

At the work place with high noise intensity, ear protection (ear muffs, ear plugs) is the only option to reduce the noise for a short period to a level that is acceptable and tolerable from the health point of view. However, since the ear protection has significant disadvantages like impairment of communication, risk of accidents, sweating, feeling of pressure, disability to work, and also since the protective function can be assured by ear protection only conditionally, noise reduction by technical measures takes precedence.

Noise protection demo

Soundproof cabin for centrifugal fan in the pharmaceutical industry. Soundproof cabin, made of zinc-plated individual sound protection elements. The installation is carried out by IGUSTA's mechanics. Acoustic measurement after installation. Achieved level reduction 24.6 dB.